Diabetes (Prameha/Madumeha)

Madhumeha is a disease caused by having merely metabolic derangement and genetic predisposition related with each constituent of the body. It is a subtype of urinary abnormalities due to the vitiated Vata Dosha having more prevalence in the modern society. Ojas, the essence of the seven main body tissues, has a sweet taste by nature. When Vata due to its roughness makes it astringent and takes it into the urinary bladder and from there out of the body, this causes Madumeha.

According to the Principles of Ayurveda Diabetes can be treated/ prevented through following,

  1. Snehana (oleation)
  2. Shodana (purification)
    • Vamana (emesis)
    • Virechana (purgation)
    • Basti (enema)
  3. Palliative treatment
  4. Wholesome food and regimen
  5. Exercise