Dr. Sarath Somasiri Gunawardhana



Dr. Sarath Somasiri Gunawardhana, graduated from Colombo University in 1973 with a diploma in Ayurvedic medicine and started practicing as a registered Ayurvedic physician in 1976. Currently he is a well-known expert on cardio-vascular diseases in Sri Lanka.

Over the years, Dr. Gunawardhana developed special treatment methods for several diseases based on the principles of classical Ayurveda and Sri Lankan traditional herbal medicines. The unique herbal preparations developed by Dr. Gunawardhana himself have miraculously cured patients with diseases where Western medicine has no proper solutions.

These diseases are: Cardio-vascular diseases, female and male infertility, arthritis, diabetes, neurological disorders.

Dr. Gunawardhana examining a foreign patient

Dr. Gunawardhana examining a foreign patient

Being an experienced practitioner of the traditional pulse diagnosis, Dr. Gunawardhana can give an exact and detailed diagnosis by thoroughly examining the pulse of a patient. For example, he can diagnose to which extend the blood vessels supplying the heart muscles are obstructed and by what kind of substances. His diagnoses are always proved to be accurate by modern diagnostic technology, and even go further, where no machine can reach yet.

Over the years he has received many awards to his outstanding service to the country.


Dr. Gunawardhana receiving the Lanka Puthra, Jana Prasadini, Vaidya Visharada honorary titles from the Hon. Minister of Agriculture of Sri Lanka


Dr. Gunawardhana receiving the Swarna Sammana award from the ex Governor of the North Central Province


Dr. Gunawardhana receiving the Anuradhapura Abhimani reward

Dr. Gunawardhana receiving the Anuradhapura Abhimani award from the Governor of the North Central Province

According to this diagnosis, treatment is given as a combination of internal medicines for strengthening the affected organs/systems and cleansing the body, plus herbal oils or pastes for local application. Additionally, the patients are advised on how to adjust their diet habits and lifestyle to better benefit from the treatment regime.

By this gentle treatment over 2 to 3 months, the body of the patient is enabled to restore its normal functions. If the patient cooperates properly, an improvement is always achieved. Mostly, as mentioned before the results are simply miraculous.

For example: Patients who were diagnosed with even more than 90% occlusion of the coronary arteries with or without history of myocardial infarction are saved from (further) infarctions, bypass surgeries etc. The angiogram after Dr. Gunawardhana’s treatment – as a rule – shows a significant reduction of the congestion within 2-3 months. After continuation of the treatment for some more months, depending on the severity, the coronary vessels may become free from congestion with no known relapse.

The medicines used by Dr. Gunawardhana are mainly herbal drugs 60 % of which are prepared at Dr. Gunawardhana’s own pharmacy. The plant material is supplied by controlled local collectors and other certified companies in Sri Lanka and India. In the near future, the medicinal garden of the Gunawardhana family, the “Gunawadana Osuthuru Wadula”, will become the main drug supplier for the clinic and the up-coming Ayurvedic hospital.

getting raw material Med prep

The clinic is located in the old town of Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. The construction of a new hospital with more facilities and lodging for indoor-patients is planned and will be started soon.