The Gunawardhana Ayurvedic Medical Centre is a clinic based on the science of Ayurveda and the indigenous medicine of Sri Lanka.


Dr. Sarath Somasiri Gunawardhana

The founder, Dr. Sarath Somasiri Gunawardhana, graduated from Colombo University in 1973 with a diploma in Ayurvedic medicine and started practicing as a registered Ayurvedic physician in 1976. Currently he is a well-known expert on cardio-vascular diseases in Sri Lanka.

Over the years, Dr. Gunawardhana developed special treatment methods for several diseases based on the principles of classical Ayurveda and Sri Lankan traditional herbal medicines. The unique herbal preparations developed by Dr. Gunawardhana himself have miraculously cured patients with diseases where Western medicine has no proper solutions.

These diseases are: Cardio-vascular diseases, female and male infertility, arthritis, diabetes, neurological disorders.


To provide full medical care of high quality for reasonable expenses, starting from growing the medicinal plants, preparing the medicines, curing the patients and preventing recurrence.


Causes – Symptoms – Treatment these are the three pillars of Ayurveda. We work on all three levels:

– making the patient realise the causes of his disease and enabling him to avoid them

– provide fast relief from the symptoms without side effects

– providing medicines prepared by us according to the individual needs of the patient made from best quality plant material